Beau Bolero: The World’s #1 Steely Dan Tribute


NSB Fine Arts Family Series Color.   Presents:

Beau Bolero * The World’s #1 Steely Dan Tribute

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Beau Bolero is a Connecticut based musical group formed in late 1980 by four close friends who are dedicated to reproducing the music of Steely Dan. Their success grew rapidly due to the fact that Steely Dan stopped touring in 1974 and did not resume playing live concerts until 1993. “Close your eyes and you’ll be there, it’s everything they say.” This statement is more than a line from a Steely Dan tune; it’s a repeated critique from thousands of people who’ve seen and heard Beau Bolero live in concert. They play all the hits and more, note for note renditions that will leave you reelin’ in the years and realizing you’ve just spent some precious time outta mind.

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