Free the Children Benefit Concert 2019 – Friday, August 9

Local musicians will join voices for a special reason at the “Free the Children” Benefit Concert on Friday, August 9 at Ives Concert Park. After raising funds for the CT Institute for Immigrants and Refugees through the benefit concert last year, Fernanda Franco decided to hold the concert once again and chose a program that is near and dear to her heart. Franco has been working with South Street Elementary School in Danbury and has been inspired by the amazing students and the fantastic staff. “I see immense potential for this historical school so I wanted to raise money for the arts program there,” Franco said.

Friday, August 9, Doors at 6pm, Music from 7pm-10pm

About the Bands: 

Phat A$tronaut

Phat A$tronaut is an organically grown, experimental soul ensemble from the funkier parts of Connecticut. The band formed shortly after singer/songwriter, Chad Browne-Springer, and guitarist/musical director, Mark Lyon, met on a D’Angelo tribute gig. Their sound consists of booty shaking rhythms and meticulously crafted arrangements with pop sensible songwriting at the forefront.

Rosemary Minkler

Born and raised in Waterbury, CT, Rosemary Minkler is an accomplished young pianist, composer, and audio engineer. She grew up surrounded by music and began studying piano at an early age. She continued these studies at Western Connecticut State University, where she received a degree in Audio and Music Production with a concentration in Jazz Piano.


The limits of humanity have been reached. The world is seeking a soothing balm to heal the wounds of modern time. We find our hero Fernanda standing at the precipice, ready to use the power of The Ephemeral to heal the world one note at a time.

Tickets are suggested $5 donation online or at the door and concessions will be available for purchase.

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