Marc Broussard – Friday, July 26


The multi-faceted and talented musician Marc Broussard will perform at Ives Concert Park on Friday, July 26! Doors open at 6pm and music starts at 7pm.

Marc Broussard is an artist with a unique gift of channeling the spirits of classic R&B, rock and soul into contemporary terms. This gift has been a matter of common knowledge since 2002, when Broussard released his debut album, Momentary Setback, which he recorded and released independently at age 20. It was no secret before then, going back to those lucky witnesses who heard him belt “Johnny B. Goode” onstage at age 5 while sitting in with his father’s band — Louisiana Hall of Fame guitarist Ted Broussard’s legendary The Boogie Kings.

In 2004, he released his major-label debut; Carencro, after the Louisiana town where he was born and raised, and its thematic centerpiece was a hickory-smoked slab of Bayou soul called “Home.” That album and the subsequent ones that followed revealed Broussard as an old-school Southern soul singer blessed with a rarefied talent and innate stylistic and emotional authenticity.

…mixes his signature blues-influenced howl with doses of gospel and country.”

– Rolling Stone

On April 5th, Marc Broussard released the live album Home (The Dockside Sessions). Broussard wanted to offer his fans something different prior to the release of his next studio album. Rather than a standard greatest hits package or a perfunctory live album, he had something different in mind. Home (The Dockside Sessions) accomplishes both in a unique way. It provides the audio tracks from the various videos Broussard has compiled over the course of his career, all of them recorded live at Dockside Studios near his Lafayette, Louisiana home. The album includes a telling remake of Broussard’s signature song — “Home.”

Few modern voices are as powerful as Marc Broussard’s soulful bayou-bred baritone.”

– The Washington Times

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