Much Ado About Nothing – August 16-18

The WCSU Department of Theatre Arts presents their magnificent production of “Much Ado About Nothing!” Enjoy the show, seated under cover on the Ives stage for FOUR performances over THREE days! Support the hugely talented performing arts students and enjoy Shakespeare’s Greatest Comedy, directed by Anthony Cochrane.

Written between 1598 and 1599, and formally published in 1600, the comedy pits bachelor Lord Benedick against the governor of Messina’s niece, Beatrice, in a “merry war” amidst romance, gossip and farce. Finding marriage repugnant, the aloof Benedick secretly longs for Beatrice’s affection. While his friends plan to set the two up, the villainous Don John seeks revenge for past ills by ruining the wedding of the Governor’s daughter Hero and Benedick’s companion Claudio.

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